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Are you wanting to know about custom wine cellars? Throughout this site we will discuss the many different options and aspects of custom wine cellars that you should contemplate before having yours built. Wine cellars can be as basic or intricate as you desire. You will need to factor in the purpose you have in mind for your cellar as well as your own personal preferences. Let’s go over a few things you need to think about when building custom wine cellars.

The first thing you need to think about is what your needs are relating to wine. Are you looking to have a cellar for the purpose of fermenting wine to sell? Or maybe you wish to have an area specifically for storing your personal wine collection of Bordeaux En Primeur 2010? Knowing the answer to these questions is important. If you need a custom wine cellar for maturing wine to sell you will need a rather large design whereas if you need one only for storing personal wine it can be much smaller. Another thing to think about is whether or not you will be wanting to show off your wine from http://www.vintageroots.co.uk. If you do, you will probably want to have an elegant, intricate, custom wine cellar built. If not, you can go with a more basic design that is meant for practical use only. ( Learn more about Champagne with the little black book from Lanson. Visit our site to get your free copy today.)

Next in the process is figuring out what sort of design you will want and what materials you want each part of your custom cellar made with. You will need to think about things such as the cellar racks, floors, walls and even the lighting. What materials will best suit your needs and desires? Racks are produced in many different wood materials, styles and even display options. You may want to use cabinets as well. Cabinets are more expensive and don’t provide as much storage space but do, however, make for great look accents in a well designed, custom wine cellar. You should also take into consideration the hardware of things such as racks and cabinets. The right metal, brass or ball-bearing accents can easily make or break the entire design of your custom wine cellar project.

Both the style of walls and lightning fixtures can also be major contributing factors to your design. Pick the material and colors for walls well to bring out the best of your cellar. Lighting plays a major role in showcasing your wine cellar. Be sure to pick fixtures that work well with the design of your racks and flooring. Also make sure that lights produce the desired effects. Do you want a subtle, elegant style of lighting that will accent your racks and bottles? Or maybe a set of lighting fixtures that really brighten up the whole room? This is where your personal preferences come into play.

In conclusion, there are many aspects of custom wine cellars that should be thought of before starting the project. Make sure you have concept designs drafted up before proceeding with purchasing materials. Put your own personal touch in designing by choosing the perfect colors, accents and styles to make the cellar your own.



International wine tasting glasses

Posted by - August 28, 2012 - Wine Tasting

International wine tasting glasses

In many people’s eyes, there might be little discernable difference between wine glasses. Transparent, fairly tall, often decorated, sometimes perhaps a little chipped, consisting generally of a bowl, stem and foot… is not their sole purpose to contain wine, for us to drink?


After all, as long as it doesn’t leak, you can drink wine out of anything. But doesn’t the idea of drinking something like the Penfolds Grange out of a cracked tea mug seem somehow a little sacrilegious? It’s true that being too precious about glasses in casual wine drinking can verge on the slightly snobbish, but an aesthetically pleasing glass has the capacity to drastically alter mood.


In actual fact, wine glasses can have a definite effect on the perception of a wine, and certainly is a key part of its presentation both at major international wine tasting events and merely in the home. Without proper stemware, the subtleties and aromas of the wine are lost to the air.


We have Austrian glassmakers Riedel to thank for the modern wine glass, who were hugely innovative in the field in the 1950s, by changing the rim, depth and diameter of the glass to exploit as much of the wine’s potential as possible.


There are different styles of wine glass according to different types of wine. Within red wines, for example, there are differences between a Bordeaux glass and a Burgundy glass. White wine glasses differ still, and let’s not forget Champagne flutes and sherry glasses. Anyone serious about wine tasting should definitely bone up on which glass is most appropriate for which wine. The experience of enjoying wine can be enhanced, and indeed ruined, by the choice of glass.


There are specific guidelines on dimensions and volume, as stipulated by the International Standards Organisation. These glasses are 155mm in height and 65mm at the fattest point of the ‘bowl’, as is the foot. The brim is 46mm.


Among the leading brands for wine glasses are Tritan. Their crystal glasses have been endowed with superior durability. They are also dishwasher safe and have also set the benchmarks for break and scratch resistance. Schott Zwiesel Classico Glassware is the preferred choice of the Wine Selectors (An online wines store in Australia) tasting panel.


These brands are undoubtedly leaders. But, finally, let’s not forget that a reliable and attractive wine glass need not cost the earth – a perfectly functional wine glass is eminently affordable for most Australians.


Refrigeration For Your Wine Cellar

Posted by - June 2, 2011 - Blog, Refrigerated Wine Cellars

If you are in need of a mid to large sized storage container for wine, one of the most viable and affordable options is to select one of many types of refrigerated wine cellars. These cellars are made in several designs and offer a great, stand-alone option for keeping wine at desirable temperatures.

Refrigerated wine cellars provide owners with the ability to control many aspects such as the aging, temperature and humidity that their wines are stored in. This makes for a great way to test wine aging as well. With control over all aspects of fermenting you can perform true experiments and find out for yourself which work best for producing the best tasting wines. If you run a rather large wine producing operation you could easily find a faster, more efficient way to age and store wine through the use of these special cellar designs.

Another great benefit of using refrigerated wine cellars is that they are capable of storing wine safely for both short term and long term periods. They provide cool, dark storage that can keep any wine at a stable temperature and humidity. Remember that wine develops better taste and aroma when stored correctly for lengthy periods of time. So, having a storage unit that is capable of maintaining perfect conditions for both short and long periods of time is a great asset.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of refrigerated wine cellars, their design is also of great appeal. These cellars come made in many basic and sophisticated designs that are sure to delight anyone. You can also find them in any size and shape. So, if you would like to store one in your home kitchen you can easily locate one that has the right size specifications to do this. Or, if you would rather store one of these refrigerated wine cellars in your basement or elsewhere, you can find models perfect for this as well.

If you are looking to store multiple types of wines and want them stored at different temperatures and humidities there are refrigerated wine cellars designed for this, too. You will find that there are many dual and multi-zone cellars that fit this need. Dual cellars allow you to have two separate temperature controls that will make one half of the cellar one temperature setting and the other half another. Multi-zone refrigerated wine cellars, on the other hand, provide you with multiple racks with individual controls so that you can have many different wines stored and cooled with various conditions.

In conclusion, if you are wanting to store many different types of wine or just want to have a wine storage unit that allows you to experiment with different aging techniques, refrigerated wine cellars may be a perfect choice for you. There are many different models that fit all needs and desires. Be sure to check out the listings of a wine cellar provider and discover for yourself all of what refrigerated wine cellars can offer you for your wine storage needs.

Building A Custom Wine Cellar

Posted by - June 2, 2011 - Blog, Building A Wine Cellar

Are you wanting to know how to go about building wine cellars? There are loads of small but important details involved with building wine cellars that you should be aware of before beginning your project. These include the purpose of the cellar, the design of the cellar, your budget and the materials used to construct each part of your wine cellar. This article discusses the details of each of these wine cellar aspects so when you begin building wine cellars you will be progressing in the right direction.

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The first thing take into consideration before beginning any wine cellar project is the purpose of the cellar itself. There are two main purposes for a wine cellar. One is for use as a wine fermenting area and the other is for use as a personal wine cellar. Before you start building wine cellars it is important to know what the cellar will be used for. Once you have figured this out you can proceed to the next step.

Next you will need to determine what type of design you will build your cellar as. Any ideas you already have should be put on paper and, if you are able to, drawn out to provide a visual aid. At this point you will need to figure out if purchasing elegantly design materials will be the best option for you or not. If you are wanting a wine cellar for practical use you probably won’t want to as many others will suggest when building wine cellars. But if you want to have a cellar that you can show off or be a great addition and selling point for a home you will want to spring for the better designs.

Things you will need to determine designs for include racks, flooring and lights. To get an idea of what materials you will want to use you should look up wine cellar design companies and take a peek at the materials they offer. Most will have racks available in many different types of wood, flooring available in materials such as hardwood or fine marbles and lighting fixtures available in as simple or complex of design as you can imagine. Choosing the colors and styles of each of these wine cellar aspects should be left up to your personal preferences. If you aren’t wanting to deal with choosing materials you can always call up a local, respectable interior designer to help produce the most beautiful cellar possible.

In conclusion, building wine cellars is more than just throwing together racks for wine bottles. Other things such as the purpose, design, colors and styles should be thought about. This goes for all aspects of your wine cellar project including the racks, walls, floors and even additional hardware and accents for each piece. If you are not experienced with building wine cellars it is recommended that you contact a construction company that specializes in wine cellar designs. If you do, remember to discuss your desires with them to ensure they produce a wine cellar that you will enjoy.